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Item ID: 9244

Tribal Affiliation: Haida
Style: Traditional Coastal
Primary Media: Yellow and Red Cedar, Oil Stain, Acrylic

Born in 1949 in Hydaburg, Alaska, Fred is a great grandson of Chief Thomas Skultka. His wife is Marian Peratrovich of Klawock, Alaska. On his mother’s side, Fred is a member of the Frog, Bullhead clan. His Haida name is “lljaawaas”. His father is from the Johnson clan of Fort Tongass Tlingit. His grandmother was Mary Johnson. Fred’s Tlingit name is “Steeyun” given to him is 1965 by Mark Jacobs Sr. in Sitka, Alaska.

Fred started carving and painting in 1980 with Marvin Oliver, Rick and Mick Beasley, Duane Pasco, and more lately with Steve Brown. Watching David Boxley and Robert Leask carving, Fred was inspired to create a pole of his own. Most of Fred’s carvings and artwork have been on a commission basis and for Tlingit and Haida people and various performers.

Fred carves in a variety of traditional forms: masks, totems, paddles, rattles, bowls and spoons, and ceremonial hats.

Fred served four years as executive director of the American Indian elders of Seattle. He has also been President of the Haida Heritage Foundation for several terms. Fred served four yeas as Executive Council member of the Tlingit and Haida Central Council, three terms as president of the Seattle Tlingit and Haida Council, and has been a delegate to the Central Council for twelve years. Fred’s a shareholder of Sealaska, Cape Fox Corporation, and Shaan-seet.

He also performs with the Haida Heritage Dancers.