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Item ID: 9241

Tribal Affiliation: Tlingit
Style: Traditional Coastal

Primary Media: Red and Yellow Cedar, Acrylic Paint, Abalone Shell

Frank Fulmer is from the Alaska Tlingit Tribe. His family is from Huna a small village near Glacier Bay, Alaska. His family crest is the Eagle and is from the Chookaneidie Clan & comes through the Glacier Ice Berg House.

Frank was first inspired by totem poles carved by his great grandfather, Frank St. Clair. One of these totem poles stands in front of the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau, Alaska. And the other one “The Yax-Te totem pole stands in Auke Bay.

"It has been a real blessing & honor for me to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors. Through my artwork, I bring Honor & Glory to those who have paved the way before me. My heritage inspires me and knowing that my ancestors are behind me helps fuel my passion for my artwork."

Frank was blessed to study carving under:
Master Tlingit carver, Ray Neilson (Kasa-eesh)
Master Haida carver, Ralph Bennett (Goo’La Slaacoon)
Master Tlingit carver, Israel Shotridge
Master Tahltan/Tlingit carver, Dempsey Bob