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"My current artistic pursuit is to portray my own personal definition of the pure essence of motion. I have altogether veered away from defining objects and figures, so as to place emphasis on sheer movement itself. I have employed a neo-futurist attack to imply the acts of past, present, and future. I have also strayed from the traditional brush stroke, in order to maintain the integrity of raw spontaneous motion.

"The beauty of our culture is exemplified in ceremonial dance, and numerous other facets of our tribal traditions. My goal is to convey a message of timelessness. We have danced through the generations, as we dance now, and will continue to dance hereafter.

"My design for the Master's Games (discus thrower in wheel) symbolizes the gathering of all nations. The colors designate all the peoples of the earth. Each color is separate and strong, yet confined within a single sense of oneness. The athlete remains faceless and moves with much power and grace. The color of the athlete itself slips into ambiguity amidst shades of blue. It is intertwined within the medicine wheel capturing an instant of endless motion and reveals the truest sense of strength. Unity."

--Knee Know